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Barbie Dried Flower Bouquet

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Experience the warmth and vibrancy of the setting sun with our Sunset Hues Dried Flower Bouquet. Crafted with care in Oakland, California, this bouquet radiates with the rich colors of dusk. A stunning composition of dried botanicals, it features bold crimsons, soft whites, and sunny yellows. The arrangement includes eye-catching red feathers, fluffy white blooms, golden yellow Billy Buttons, and delicate purple accents that come together in a symphony of natural beauty.

Each bloom and leaf is carefully preserved to capture the essence of a perfect sunset, ensuring these flowers will provide enduring splendor in your home. Wrapped in a soft lavender paper and secured with a rustic twine bow, this bouquet brings a piece of the Californian sunset into your living space.


  • Bouquet Height: Approximately 14 inches
  • Wrap: Lavender paper with natural twine bow
  • Composition: Red feathers, white blooms, yellow Billy Buttons, purple accents, and a mix of textured foliage
  • Care Instructions: Display away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain color and form
  • Origin: Assembled with devotion in Oakland, California

Note: Each bouquet is a unique creation, and as such, there may be slight variations from the image shown. The vase is not included, allowing you the freedom to display these everlasting blooms however you desire.

Bring home the Sunset Hues Bouquet and let your decor reflect the everlasting beauty of a Californian sunset, no matter the season.

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